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Nov 13, 2010


Notice : if you're My Boyfriend/ fiancee/ soon-to-be-husband.. pleasee.. pleaasseee don't read this post :D mi love you so much ebiiii but seriously stop reading now!!

so this is like upcoming makeup that will come in the next 2 months. so freakin excitedd *happydance*.

1. MAC MSF Stereo Rose

This is a Freakin Stereo Rose!!! the one that sold out in a couple hours @ the urban legend MSF .... the MAC Myth!!!  and i got it!!! well it's on the way, tikijne kinda messed up my address so they have to re-send it.. still happy though :D Brand New and i got it for $38, kinda high from the original price but definitely not as ridiculous as ebay price which is now almost  reach $100, that's just freakin' crazy, i mean i love my make up with a passion but an MSF for 1 million rupiah is just outrageous not to mention ridiculous..
anywhoooo, the stereo rose had arrived!!! it's kinda frosty but i don't regret buying it :D

2. Mac A Tartan Tale Stuff

so after much much much debating (with the fiancee) what to get on this MAC collection just because i-want-it-all-cause-i'm-in-love-with-the-plaid debacle, i decided to get
  • 6 Beauties Play It Cool Palette
  • Sweep Me of My Feet Brush set
  • Dazzle The Lads Lip Bag
He's going to buy me the brush set *yeay* , i will buy the palette and then i will used my Sing $ left over to buy the lip bag in Singapore when my mom goes there.. so why there are more picture than the product i'm planning to buy?


Oct 7, 2010

Dang!! I forgot to post this!!

I love blogwalking.. blogseeing.. blogreading or whatever they called it.. Especially beauty blog.. Makeup blog.. Not really into vlog cause my office block anything remotely related to video.. So the usual beauty blog with lots of picture makes me happy!! Plus you could really learn something from those blog.. Nooo, not learn how to spend all your money on the new MAC collections ( don't give me or my blog that nasty look baby, I didn't spent that much money LOL )..

Anyway, this post was suppose to be about depoting my mac msfn, but I'll get to that later :D

One of my favorite beauty blog is Temptalia (me and like hundreds and thousand of people), she's one dedicated beauty blogger.. I really want to be a beauty blogger but I don't think I have the determination to do it.. Yes I love blogging but more like casual blogging.. And the only person reading my blog is my fiance (whose writing I miss the most!!).. Oh and sometimes that guy called salman (do visit his blog, his weird and I love making fun of him in the office.. But you'll love his blog,his writing is not as vain and self centered like mine hahahahaha)

Writing something when I want it and when I have the time is enough for me right now :D

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ps. my darn office blocked temptalia!!! what the heck??!!!!!!!!!

Sep 9, 2010


What?? Already september??? And all my promises to do all the post?!! Shame on me!!!!!!!
Maybe I shouldn't do target or sumtin like that.. I soo will not achieve it :p
Welcome september!!!
3 months to go!!!
God please protect us and we always know everything that happen is for the best and give us strength for decades to come... Amiinnn...

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Aug 18, 2010

Please don't do this again GOD.....

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