Mar 19, 2010

The kind of people I called jerks...

How do I start this post.. Hmmm...
~ this post content foul language.. Please do not read if your under 17 or if you're going to judge me after reading this.. Thank you :D ~
I hate walking alone in the streets.. When I came home from work I usually walk, that usually take about 10-15 minutes.. It's not that I don't like walking.. But the so-called-guys which I prefer to call jerks are just freaking annoying...
For the record I never wear revealing outfit to the office.. Just some shirts or a little tight shirts or skirts or long pants.. Never use a tank top and mini skirt generally..
So when I walk from the office, imagine my surprise when couple of random guys tease the crap out of me.. It's not bothering me when it's just like a 'siulan' or some thing like that.. I can just shrug it off.. But when they started to say something that inappropriate up to the level I can call verbal sexual harassment
I mean..Come on.. What the fuck dude?? Are you fucking serious??
That kind of word should never be said in public let alone said it to tease some girl...
So when I decided I had enough,I kinda block them by hearing my gorge ipod... Did that solve the problem??? We'll apparently not.. Yes I cannot hear what those assholes were saying but how they look at me is purely disgusting... I'm not that pretty so I know that they didn't look at my face but those jerks eye doesn't even look sorry for starring at my freakin body.. Really jerks??? What the hell are you thinking?? And what the fuck am I supposed to do?? walking with my face looking down the road (literally)? That's not a solution..
The most sickening part for me was when they do it as a group.. I always avoid the construction end day in "a mall" I pass everyday cause when they all in the sideways when I came home alone then those jerks became assholes and then turn into this fucking bitch... Yes those words are cruel but how those man tease girls as a group was also very very uncool and made me shiffer.. Even when I'm with my bf, can't help to hold him a little tighter @ that particular place and condition...
Then again there's this so-called educated guy who does the same thing at my office.. They tease.. They look... I consider them lower than those guys I called jerks and assholes.. If the law is clear like in the us or europe, I'll fucking sue your ass for a fucking sexual harrasment...
And for those who thinks that this happen because the girl 'memancing' those jerks or the girl like to be tease inappropriately should just keep her/his mouth shut in front of me unless they know what I'm experiencing..
That's why I really need a friend to walk there sometimes..and it seriously not because I'm spoiled or anything LOL especially when I'm with my dearly beloved bf.. I don't think nobody even dare to look at me wrongly (yes he's that scary hahahaha)..
Yes sweety... I know.. To much curse and swears.. I hide it when I got home or delete it :D
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Mar 17, 2010

~~Afternoon Dedication~~

i love you..
i love your effort..
i love your stupidity..
i love your act of jealousy..
i love your unlimited patience..
i love your nerd-ish spoiled side..
i love your weird childish behavior..
i love your annoying sense of humor..

God knows how much i really really really dislike you sometimes and how much your act / attitude / behavior made me detest you..

but at the end of the day no doubt in my mind that i will always ended up loving you...


Mar 8, 2010

What title should I give this?

So... When will you get bored waiting for me... For an hour and a half at least...

And when you do get bored or tired or any other reason.. Will you tell me? Or just say nothing just to keep from getting angry or 'ngambek' ?

And when will I be that girl that he can be proud of?

Thank god he doesn't read my blog a lot anymore.. Lol

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