Jun 17, 2009

Wishlist - Make Up Edition!!!

Okay!! after that stupid rambling... i think i'm going to a lighter side.. lately i've been hit by another bug.. makeup craze bug that is.. hehehehe okay so i will list my top something makeup and skincare stuff that i really really want and some extras :D oh and my boyfriend can get some inspiration for next month *wink wink*

My Top will buy (after i got My Rapelan!!!!) :

1. MAC - Lightful Ultramoisture Creme

This is one of MAC Lightful skincare line which is the moisturizer. i so really need a moisturizer right now cause my face is so dull and just freakin weird. and according to some of the review this moisturizer is good. one of the reason that MAC made it especially for asia region and for outside asia they only sell it online.. at maccosmetics.com the price is US$36 and do you know how much they sell it here?? freakin Rp. 495.000 what a rip off!!! seriouslly if my mom going to singapore, this is he first thing i will beg her to buy for me lol you can see a review in here

2. MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural or/and Lancome Ageless Minerale with White Sapphire Com
plex (phiuh!)

okay so both of this is a mineral powder.. Lancome loose powder and the MAC is pressed powder with foundation.. i want it both!! and i think i will buy both but the MAC is a priority because it's cheaper :p and i already have my anna sui loose powder. but i really want it both! unfortunately the Lancome is not available in indonesia and i can't ask my mom to buy it cause i have to tried it ( it's a powder, i have to test it!!) so dream a little dream :( anyway the retail price for MAC MSF Natural is US$25 but i think is more than Rp. 300.000 here.. but i don't know about the lancome yet.
for review just go to http://www.makeupalley.com at the product reviews.

3. The Body Shop Kabuki - Mineral Foundation Brush

Awwwwhhhh!! this is my MUST HAVE!! i probably going to buy this before my rapelan lol well my first option is MAC 182 the kabuki but come on.. do you know how much a MAC brush cost? A lot! hehehe so i choose the alternative and after i see one for my self i think this this is suitable and worth the price Rp. 189.000 an you can use this for the powder or blush or powder foundie. or you can travel with it plus its so cute :D

4. Vitamin C Micro Refiner

well i just find this exfoliator recently, i had my eye on the MAC micro refiner first but yeah the price is really good also ;) so this is a good substitute plus it's easier to find.. you can find body shp in every single mall in jakarta. from the review people said that this also reduce milia!! cross finger.. i hate my milias!!! retail @ Rp.209.000

well it's late so continue tommorow....

to be continued.....


Pictures and Review thanks to :
Am I asking too much? Am I being a spoiled princess?

First, aku minta just once in a while pick me up in my office.. Not everyday just at least once.. And you said okay you will if you know the way.. Okay I said.. When we have lunch together and you know how to get to my office.. God do you know how many times I wait.. Ga usah naek taksi d hun, naek ojek aja biar murah.. And you said you want it to be special, you want the first time picking me up being special.. You pick our anniversary and we know I ask you to do something so you can't.. Trus sampe sekarang huney?? 4 bulan kemudian? Are you waiting for another special ocassion?

Fine I'm letting go that one.. You know how much I hate the queue @ BI right? And a while back I ask you.. Kenapa ga sekali kali kamu ke harmoni aja kan di bi arah harmoninya juga ga ngantri.. And this is not something yang aku isyaratkan ke kamu but I really ask.. But you know what the first sentences coming from you 'tapi gapapa ya kalo kamu nunggu agak lama di harmoni'.. Dear god huney.. Can we at least talk about it first.. Jam berapa ketemuan.. Kamu bisanya dari kantor jam berapa.. Aku berangkat jam berapa dari kantor.. Harus ya langsung like that? And after I said ya udah ga usah.. That's the last we talk about it.. Iya aku juga ga minta lagi tapi udah gt hun, that's it? Or when I frontally ask you to meet me di harmoni.. Kamu pasti selalu nanya balik.. Why can't you just do it.. I'm asking you huney.. Aku udah ga cuma ngasi some freaking signal..

You keep answering me with yes, okay later I will do it, if I can.. Tapi kapan hun? is it too big of a request? For you too pick me up once in a while not in my office only in harmony.. Is it too much?

Everytime I said I'm tired queue ing in bi all you can say cuma 'kamu mau pulang duluan?' How to make you understand that I wanna go home with you but please just once in a while can you spare me and do what you promise me.. Do what you say to me..

kenapa susah banget si for this one little thing.. Soo many reason soo many excuses.. Should I just let go? Toh aku ga bisa krumah his parents cause I can't took the public transportation.. So maybe we can call it even?

Sorry ya hun if you read this.. I'm just rambling..

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Jun 1, 2009

Monday Sucks day!!!!! (my first Live blog)

11.41 AM
so bored..
what to do..what to do...
i'm almost finish with my penilaian thingy.. a little bit more but just too lazy to do it :p a
waiting for my noodle lunch...
will update later...

12.24 PM
finishing my noodle with rice..
gaining soo much fat huhuhuhuhuhu HATEEEEEE

12.53 PM
kinda jealous seeing my ex-coworker pics and my cousin status :((

1.12 PM
my sweetheart keep asking me about my 12.53 PM..
kasi tau ga yaaaa??????
i know howw sooo spoiled he be when he get curious..
should i wait.. until he spoiled me for that information??
seriouslly what am i saying here?? hahahahahha

2.12 PM
this is not a good day.. *sigh*

2.48 pm
i wish.. is not that hard or expensive for him to go to my office so he can pick me up from time to time..

3.19 PM
he said i'm very committed.. not true.. i'm just freakin boredddd...

3.26 PM
what to wear on saturday.. dress or jeans.. casual or semi casual.. probably ended up wearing jeans if i still feel this baddd..

3.28 PM
jeans probably better.. more freeing ( is freeing a word???? )

3.29 PM
kinda scared to tell my boyfriend...

3.30 PM
what if we go to his house not next week but the week after that..

3.31 PM
cause this week we already go to that event where we will meet his parents..

3.32 PM
hope he didn't read this post!! lol stupid me..

3.41 PM
can't keep my eyes open..must..go..to..sleep..

4.17 PM
Bentar lagi pulang!!!
awas kalo lupa game ku ya huneyyY!!!!!!!! :-*

4.37 PM

4.51 PM
pulang pulang pulang pulang pulang pulang !!!!!!

4.53 PM
getting ready to go home..
last live blog of the day..
pretty boring but hey i'm booreeedd and
still not feeling well cheers!!!!!