Jan 9, 2009

Please don't read this if you don't want to read cheesy and lovey dovey things :p

Okay it's january and i haven't finish my last post but oh well :p this last few days i feel like i'm being selfish well not feel, i know i'm being selfish..i dont know why but i really feel unease this week..mostly because my new work place..i really really had a hard time adjusting in new place..very very hard,like in my last workplace..it took me more than 3 month to adjust..and this time i don't have him to make this go easier and faster..i really miss him, i miss going lunch with him, i miss walking home with him, i miss taking the busway with him, i miss bickering to him for every single thing :(( yes this job is better but until this minute i just feel misreable..i miss my freakin work..i miss my old freakin crappy work..i know it will be better in the end but for now i just want to bicker..anyway,back to the topic about selfish :p because of all that misreable feeling i had,ofcourse my boyfriend is the one who have to deal with me..i bicker about my work and he just give me all the support he can give without yelling or anger (well that is when i'm not overly negative)..when i know that he also trying to find a better job like mine i should be gratefull..
And other selfish thing i did was when i said that other guy is cute or handsome or a guy made me feel excited, he's mad but not in the way that it will hurt me badly or made me feel guilty..i'm still thankfull that he feel jealous but he really should tell me that he's jealous :p
i hope this selfish thing doesn't last long though,i dont know how much more my boyfriend can take hehehe
i really love him dearly and i sure hope his love is big enough to handle this side of me hehehe
sorry for this bad writing huney..writing a blog in the phone is so not good :p

love you always :-*