Dec 30, 2007


Well, its been a really long time since I post something her, not like anyone care anyway hehehehe okay except for you huney :p

I actually wanna post my whole trip to hong kong and Singapore yesterday but haven’t got the chance to move the picture from the camera to my pc so that have to wait lol another stories will do for now..

Last Thursday is my tenth months anniversary and we have this tradition ( is 10 month too short to have a tradition? Oh well hehehehe ) we always sit together ( lately it’s in coffee bean PIM 2, smoking area) and talk about everything from the cheesiest stuff you could possibly hear to things that bug both of us for the last month. And I love this annual thing, I know we can do this any day of the month and anytime we like but this just feel so special.

And I still have something to say to him that I forget to say yesterday ( or probably to embarrass to say it in front of him ;p )
I love the way he laugh when we’re in the movies, he’s stereo sound laugh… I love the way he makes me eat popcorn when we’re in the movies.. I love the way he said he miss me.. I love the way he take care of me.. I love the way he tried to be ‘angry’ when I do something wrong.. I love the way he cut back on his smokes when I ask him.. I love the way he tease me.. I love the way he spoiled me every single day.. I love the way he get jealous but in a really really cute way and I love how he get along with my family and friends, that means so much to me.

I think that’s enough for one post.. oh and what’s love without hate ;)

I hate this month for the long time we spent apart.. Different cities.. Different island.. And different countries..

Happy tenth switi..


Your dearly beloved Girl *wink*