Aug 18, 2010

Please don't do this again GOD.....

gerbera_iris at BlackBerry®

Aug 4, 2010

Me 03 : Invitation..

kinda surreal seeing a draft for our invitation...
even if it's not the final draft for the color..
but.. good God... 
this kinda makes my heart skip a beat seeing our name there :p

Invitation Draft

Aug 2, 2010

Beauty 01 : Seserahan Cosmetic Edition!

so.. at first i thought it will be simple to ensemble a group of makeup that i love with one theme..
boy am i soo wrong...

so the first idea that come to mine is BLACK
cause i love MAC and NARS..
their both are black so problem solved!!!
not quite apparently..
mommy said to used only one brand..

okay so next idea is PURPLE
cause i already have a lot of urban decay stuff laying around in my house
and i can just buy a couple of stuff from UD singapore to complete it..
so i thought YEAYYY!! finish!!
nope.. not gonna happen said the fiance..
"more from me (the new stuff) than form your collection baby"

soo!!! the winner is MAC BLACK
lots of new stuff and add a little of my old stuff!
here's the temporary line up!

MSF Comfort

MSF Petticoat
MSF Redhead and Brunette

MSF Warm Blend

MAC 116
Viva Glam Cyndi

and the pending one cause it's kinda different color/brand so i'm very pesimistic that it will go in to the box.. but at least i already have it LOL..

MAC Hipness
NARS Luster

 and other thing like

MAC 109
Mineralize Loose

soo  what else?