Dec 28, 2009

World Cup 2006

Whew... Udah lama banget ga ngepost.. So sorry blog -_-

Hmm next year is another world cup.. 2010 world cup in south africa.. World cup will always bring back memories for me, well last year particularly..

World cup 2006 memoir...

I remember the days we chat for hours at night..
I remember that day we chat till 4am in the morning..
Talking about hmm talking about nothing??
We just chat and chat and chat..
All the talk about how my dad will so mad at me seeing my phone bill using it for internet dial up chatting with you..

All the time I ask you..
Why don't you watch the game..
Why don't you go with your friends to watch the game..
Rather than just chat with me..

And you just easily said..
I don't like the team or
I'm bored with the game or
Yes I will watch it later..
But you still didn't leave me until I went to bed..
And you especially didn't leave me when I had my 'problem'...

Sometimes your answer is a little confusing..
Cause I know you LOVE soccer..
But you'll miss important game just to chat with me..
And you never made a big deal out of it..

I really don't know what feelings you had for me almost 4 years a go..
But I know this for sure..
You're a really good friend..
True gentlemen almost till the end ;)

Love those memories :D

Want to make this world cup 2010 more memorable??? Maybee finally becoming my EX-boyfriend???? Hahahahaha

Mucha luv beb...

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