Aug 29, 2008

Feels Like Home - Chantal Kreviazuk

I consider my self as a romantic girl..not too romantic..just the right amount for a girl, well for me it's the right amount but for my boyfriend it's probably too much :p
here's the thing..when i really love a song..than i would hear every single word and see the similarity with my life..cheessy as it may sound, but when it connected very closely to my romantic life then surely i will share it to my boyfriend..but as predicted he wont think about it too much..if i said i looovvveeee a song or i use a song title as my messenger status, he will just see the title and thats it..i mean come ooonnn,who knows that the song contain a very romantic message to him right?
Well one of the song i recently put in my status was 'feels like home' from chantal kreviazuk..
It's a romantic song right? i really don't know if he really understand why i give him that song or he's just plain don't get it LOL oh the status in his messenger is "I want to go home ;p" hahahahaha so do you get it or not huney?

Something in your eyes makes me want to lose myself
Makes me want to lose myself in your arms
There's something in your voice
Makes my heart beat fast
Hope this feeling lasts the rest of my life

If you knew how lonely my life has been
And how long I've been so alone
If you knew how I wanted someone to come along
And change my life the way you've done

It Feels like home to me
It Feels like home to me
It Feels like I'm all the way back where I come from

It Feels like home to me
It Feels like home to me
It Feels like I'm all the way back where I belong

A window breaks down a long dark street
And a siren wails in the night
But I'm alright cause I have you here with me
And I can almost see through the dark there is light

If you knew how much this moment means to me
And how long I've waited for your touch
If you knew how happy you are making me
I never thought that I'd love anyone so much

Yours Trully,


Jul 21, 2008

Happy Birthday!!!

Actually huney.. i don't know what to write in here:D ..
so i'm just going to say what's on my mind right now..

Happy Birthday Sweetheart..

Thank you for messing with my life and made it unbelievably great..
Thank you for staying with me when being my best friend is so hard..
Thank you for staying with me when being my boyfriend is such a *&^%$#..
Thank you for being such a patient and understanding guy..
Thank you for just being you...


I started to notice you when you're being such an arrogant guy but in a manly kinda way..
I kinda wanna smack you a little when you insulted me in a joke..
but eventually I kinda started to miss you when you didn't make a joke about me..
I started to doubt my feelings about us being best friend when you 'accidentally' hug me..
I started to like you when we chat online night and day talking about nothing at all..
I started to love you when i can be me when I'm around you..
and i know i want to spend the rest of my life with you when you hold me tightly in your arms..


i love all the little things you said to me..
i love all the little things you've done for me..
i love that i can wear any clothes i want and you still think I'm not fat (which i know i am!! LOL)
i love that i can do my hair anyway i choose and you still think i look beautiful and cute..which i'm not ;p
i love that i can do anything stupid and you wont be embarrassed of me (right??)
and i just love that i can say anything and not be afraid when I'm around you..


i think you already know everything that i write here..
but that is just to remind you that..
i really do love you so much..
even when we have a huge fight or when we're just a boring couple *wink*..


yours always,


Jun 10, 2008

Sweet Singapore Vacation

Last weekend is one of the most amazing weekend i ever started early friday at 5.15 a.m which is late..i supposed to wake up at 4.30 or sumtin,but you know how good sleep is :p and then me and my mom went to the airport at 6 with a taxi..long journey about an hour or so and i usually sleep but this time i'm too excited..when we reach the airport we meet my boyfriend there..between you and me,he look so handsome that morning,with his hair and his smile and he's just soo tall (yes, i do have a thing about tall guy especially a tall guy named reza boer lol).

My mom take care things in the check in counter and i take care the bags and fiskal, after that we go into the citibank lounge near gste D4. Along the way to the lounge, he said i look beautiful. Even when i feel like i'm the ugliest person in the world and i know that he's so subjective cause he's my boyfried ha3x but every time he said that,it always makes me feel beautiful. I know its lame,naive, cheesy or sumtin like that but it's just priceless when a guy said that kinda thing without wanting somthing in return. Anyway,where was i? Kinda get distracted a little he3x..

Then finally it's boarding time! We use valuair which is a budget airplanes previously own by singapore airlines now own by jetstar
(if i'm not mistaken :p ). Singapore here we come!

The flight with valuair
Valuair is a decent plane with leather seat and a more wider space between seats. I can make peace with the fact that they serve us with one bread and white water, I also don't have any problem with them selling drinks like coffe,tea or soda, it's a budget airlines anyway..but for the departure and landing, with all the woobly and unsteady plane along the way which make me a little dizzy (and i already took some med) it makes me kinda missed singapore airlines. I know the price is like twice from valuair so thas why i dont complin much but do cheap air fares means minimal safety? but at least i have someone's hand to crush everytime i get worry he3x

We Arrive at Terminal one and then go straight to immigration after that went to find a taxi. we got this old man as a driver. In the taxi, the driver who start calling himself uncle start talking and we find out that he's 71 and apparently can't stop talking. he talk about himself again and again and again.. It's like now i know his whole life ha3x..he has diabetes (apparently 99 out of 100 old people in singapore has diabetes, yes i also learn this from him), his wife is in a wheel chair, he cant eat ice cream, he's been a taxi driver for more than 40 years..i think thats too much things i know from my taxi driver LOL and he drive so slow, he kept saying that it's dangerous to go fast but come ooonnnn thats to slow. it take us more than an hour and the usual rate of S$15 turn into S$22 that's like one pair of shoes ha3x!! but at least we got there save and he is kinda funny :p

we stayed at park hotel next to paragon shopping center and the herren. We check in at around 12.30 which then the concierge tell us the room will be ready at 2 and 3 PM (2 rooms) so instead of waiting in the hotel, the three of us decide to take a walk. and show my boyfriend the places i shop for my gorgeous shoes and bags :D but first we eat ayam penyet, they have the most delicious ayam penyet there. and then we take a walk around orchard road from Tangs plaza, wisma atria, ngee ann city and paragon. we just went from mall to mall ha3x oh and i also gave my boyfriend a teaser on the toy fair in ngee ann city, his face is soo priceless when he see that toy fair especially when he see the gundam section from a far lol and yes i already suspect that there will be toy fair but i decided not to tell him cause i just want to see his cute face when he see it.

and then we go back to the hotel at around 3PM to see our room, but you know what they say with no smile, no apologetic face that our room isn't ready..and we wait like an hour for a room yes just one freaking room, apparently the other room is not ready yet..thank god my good-in-english-scary-looking boyfriend (;p) is there to take care things cause me and my mom already too upset to even see the concierge face. oh and we will never stay there next time, i rather pay a little more and get a good service like i usually get in meritus mandarin hotel. so we get our first room, 651, and then settled there for a little rest and wait for my sister who arrived in the next plane.

to be continued...

Apr 14, 2008

private message..

Private Message...

What do you think the lowest point in our relationship in this one year huney? And do you think we still had a grudge on it? Will one of us suddenly blow up about something in this relationship someday? Something that we didn’t discuss until finish? It scares me sometimes we being happy like this..yes we have our little fights but it seems we don’t have something very bad buried underneath our relationship..shouldnt every couple got one? I don’t want to be this happy just to know that being this happy is wrong, that harusnya kita at least have something bad to balance our happiness..


My Lucky Star

i just realized this..

i am a very lucky person (yes i just realized this now!)..
it's like I'm surrounded by this lucky stars..
and this is my lucky stars..

I've got this job i really like and even though sometimes i said so many times how much i hate it, i actually love it..i love the way i can show my ability and i love to make my own money (especially this one, so i can buy my own clothes again and again and again hahahahhaha ) anyway since i started working in this company, it's all been so easy..not the job but the people around they make me feel comfortable and treating me not like an outsider, that's probably one of the thing that makes me hanging on to this job..yes i admit the paycheck makes me want to find another job but for now this job is enough for me..

my family and i love them soo much.. my oh so the drama queen (appearantly we have this in common hahhaha ) sister yg selalu judes ga hujan ga panas which actually pretty nice if you see past the 'jutek' face hehehhe..and my mommy and daddy who always take me and my sister to the most fabolous vacation a girl can have (and that's including a shopping spree!!!)..can't live without them..

who can live without a best best friends..maybe we don't meet much or apart in different continents or maybe we never talk in more than a month..but i know this best friend of mine who will be there for me always, whatever i do, whatever i said and how stupid i have been..they will always care for me..

and my last Lucky macaroni ;p
i know how it feel to see someone and want him so bad but he's just too out of reach..either he/she belong to someone else, or he/she doesn't even know your there..or even worst he/she is your best friend and he/she doesn't believe that best friends could be a couple (or this is worst cause it happen to me?? :D)
anyway..i feel lucky cause my best friend now became my other half.. cheesy isn't it? i kinda don't care cause I'm the only one who read this blog :p i still remember those day i feel jealous about him hanging out with other girls and then tell me about her and then i feel guilty cause i don't have any rights to feel jealous like that but i cannot put that feeling behind.. and now he's my best friend and my boyfriend.. the sweetest and the most kind macaroni i ever have ;-) the person i can share/complain/mad about my other lucky stars (and such a drama queen i am, it will be fairly often :-) )

I'm lucky that everything just fall into places for me ..
and I won't trade it for anything..