Oct 7, 2010

Dang!! I forgot to post this!!

I love blogwalking.. blogseeing.. blogreading or whatever they called it.. Especially beauty blog.. Makeup blog.. Not really into vlog cause my office block anything remotely related to video.. So the usual beauty blog with lots of picture makes me happy!! Plus you could really learn something from those blog.. Nooo, not learn how to spend all your money on the new MAC collections ( don't give me or my blog that nasty look baby, I didn't spent that much money LOL )..

Anyway, this post was suppose to be about depoting my mac msfn, but I'll get to that later :D

One of my favorite beauty blog is Temptalia (me and like hundreds and thousand of people), she's one dedicated beauty blogger.. I really want to be a beauty blogger but I don't think I have the determination to do it.. Yes I love blogging but more like casual blogging.. And the only person reading my blog is my fiance (whose writing I miss the most!!).. Oh and sometimes that guy called salman (do visit his blog, his weird and I love making fun of him in the office.. But you'll love his blog,his writing is not as vain and self centered like mine hahahahaha)

Writing something when I want it and when I have the time is enough for me right now :D

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ps. my darn office blocked temptalia!!! what the heck??!!!!!!!!!