Jul 6, 2009

gift for him

3 things I wish I can (afford :p) give my bf for his birthday (pic updated 2morrow) :

1. XBOX 360 / Nintendo DS

Well this is not need to be explain (actually everything doesn't need to be explain :p). But my bf LOVE this game things.. And if I can gift him this is like supporting his childish/boyish side.. He knows that I dislike his childish attitude if it's too overloaded, but if I gift this to him at least I can show him that I didn't hate his childish behaviour :p. Just wish had the money hahahhahaha what's the alternative for this gift??

2. The New Toshiba QOSMIO Laptop

Have you seen the spec for this notebook? My bf will LOVE this (I even LOVE this :p)!!!!!! He can take this everywhere and he can put all his movies and all those games or online games in this computer.. Darn it, he probably will forget me if I give him this LOL but I cost like 32 million.. Good GOD!!! Hahahahha

3. An Original Tag Heuer watch

Hmm this is for my own personal pleasure.. This is for his man side.. He will look so good in this watch.. soo hot LOL the Tag Heuer in my mind (Formula 1 and carrere version) probably cost the same like the laptop.. Crazy talk right? But it just look so damn good.. I like this better than rolex, rolex is too girly..

Well that's what I want for him this birthday but then again I really am only an ordinary worker :p besides he will love everything I get him (menghibur diri sendiri hahahaha).. Good lord this is late.. Soo sleepy.. Nite nite...

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