Jul 21, 2008

Happy Birthday!!!

Actually huney.. i don't know what to write in here:D ..
so i'm just going to say what's on my mind right now..

Happy Birthday Sweetheart..

Thank you for messing with my life and made it unbelievably great..
Thank you for staying with me when being my best friend is so hard..
Thank you for staying with me when being my boyfriend is such a *&^%$#..
Thank you for being such a patient and understanding guy..
Thank you for just being you...


I started to notice you when you're being such an arrogant guy but in a manly kinda way..
I kinda wanna smack you a little when you insulted me in a joke..
but eventually I kinda started to miss you when you didn't make a joke about me..
I started to doubt my feelings about us being best friend when you 'accidentally' hug me..
I started to like you when we chat online night and day talking about nothing at all..
I started to love you when i can be me when I'm around you..
and i know i want to spend the rest of my life with you when you hold me tightly in your arms..


i love all the little things you said to me..
i love all the little things you've done for me..
i love that i can wear any clothes i want and you still think I'm not fat (which i know i am!! LOL)
i love that i can do my hair anyway i choose and you still think i look beautiful and cute..which i'm not ;p
i love that i can do anything stupid and you wont be embarrassed of me (right??)
and i just love that i can say anything and not be afraid when I'm around you..


i think you already know everything that i write here..
but that is just to remind you that..
i really do love you so much..
even when we have a huge fight or when we're just a boring couple *wink*..


yours always,