Apr 14, 2008

private message..

Private Message...

What do you think the lowest point in our relationship in this one year huney? And do you think we still had a grudge on it? Will one of us suddenly blow up about something in this relationship someday? Something that we didn’t discuss until finish? It scares me sometimes we being happy like this..yes we have our little fights but it seems we don’t have something very bad buried underneath our relationship..shouldnt every couple got one? I don’t want to be this happy just to know that being this happy is wrong, that harusnya kita at least have something bad to balance our happiness..


My Lucky Star

i just realized this..

i am a very lucky person (yes i just realized this now!)..
it's like I'm surrounded by this lucky stars..
and this is my lucky stars..

I've got this job i really like and even though sometimes i said so many times how much i hate it, i actually love it..i love the way i can show my ability and i love to make my own money (especially this one, so i can buy my own clothes again and again and again hahahahhaha ) anyway since i started working in this company, it's all been so easy..not the job but the people around here..how they make me feel comfortable and treating me not like an outsider, that's probably one of the thing that makes me hanging on to this job..yes i admit the paycheck makes me want to find another job but for now this job is enough for me..

my family and cats..how i love them soo much.. my oh so the drama queen (appearantly we have this in common hahhaha ) sister yg selalu judes ga hujan ga panas which actually pretty nice if you see past the 'jutek' face hehehhe..and my mommy and daddy who always take me and my sister to the most fabolous vacation a girl can have (and that's including a shopping spree!!!)..can't live without them..

who can live without a best friend..my best friends..maybe we don't meet much or apart in different continents or maybe we never talk in more than a month..but i know this best friend of mine who will be there for me always, whatever i do, whatever i said and how stupid i have been..they will always care for me..

and my last Lucky Star..my boyfriend..my macaroni ;p
i know how it feel to see someone and want him so bad but he's just too out of reach..either he/she belong to someone else, or he/she doesn't even know your there..or even worst he/she is your best friend and he/she doesn't believe that best friends could be a couple (or this is worst cause it happen to me?? :D)
anyway..i feel lucky cause my best friend now became my other half.. cheesy isn't it? i kinda don't care cause I'm the only one who read this blog :p i still remember those day i feel jealous about him hanging out with other girls and then tell me about her and then i feel guilty cause i don't have any rights to feel jealous like that but i cannot put that feeling behind.. and now he's my best friend and my boyfriend.. the sweetest and the most kind macaroni i ever have ;-) the person i can share/complain/mad about my other lucky stars (and such a drama queen i am, it will be fairly often :-) )

I'm lucky that everything just fall into places for me ..
and I won't trade it for anything..