Oct 4, 2007

why did i post this? lol

I know I’m clingy. I know I’m depending on you too much. I know all that sweety. And also know that this is not a good habit to keep. It’s just that I like depending on you. Always having you by my side. Especially when we met everyday. Breakfast, lunch and we go home together. for 7 months we always spent a lot of time together. Maybe that’s one thing that make me clingy. We spent a lot of time together. It’s not that I don’t like or want it. But that’s one reason that makes me depend on you. Learning from my previous relationship, I know that I have to be able to stand alone and depending on myself just in case something happen so I wont be so crush. And at that time, when I’m alone I was able to be such an independent girl. But now, how can I be one if I know that I can depend on you? That I can have you by my side every single second of my life. but I know I cannot do that,or I will be upset everytime we cannot be together for some reason. And little problems can be such big issue if I keep this clingy habit. I have to change but youre just too sweet to tell me that.
I don’t even know that I’m upset and look upset when last week we cant go home together. i shouldnt be upset cause its just one day that you cant go home with me, but hmm I don’t know. I just feel like you don’t need me.
And I have to get rid that feeling. And its not that I don’t trust you sweety..i do.. so much..just my stupid insecurities.
And why did I write all this in my blog? I have no idea hahahahahaha
I :x U so much Sweety..

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