Apr 14, 2008

private message..

Private Message...

What do you think the lowest point in our relationship in this one year huney? And do you think we still had a grudge on it? Will one of us suddenly blow up about something in this relationship someday? Something that we didn’t discuss until finish? It scares me sometimes we being happy like this..yes we have our little fights but it seems we don’t have something very bad buried underneath our relationship..shouldnt every couple got one? I don’t want to be this happy just to know that being this happy is wrong, that harusnya kita at least have something bad to balance our happiness..


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Anonymous said...

awwhh..my cheese...first of all..we know we cant hold grudge between each other, cause in an instance one of us will know, even how hard we try to keep it, eventually we will know or we'll just ended up confessing bout it...not to sound narsistic :P but the difference between us and the others is that we have this way to always try to complete a problem once and for all eventhough we have to scream our lungs at and we just have to solve it that instance eventhough it would take our 6 hours beauty sleep :P...hehehehehe... like the famous qoute that everyone would say.. everyone here are just renting the world cause its ours and our ways is different and better to them no matter what..... oh ya! remember that we have a very weird relationship...in a good way of course ;)...so we cant be the same like the others no matter how hard we try..ehehehhehe