Apr 13, 2009

It is really fun using a blackberry!

Well, it started with my sister craving for a blackberry.. And I'm just like "it's only a blackberry, come ooonnn" and look at us now! Yes I said US.. My sister,my dad,my mom and me.. We all have our own personal blackberry!! Seriously crazy hahahaha
Blackberry storm for papi
Blackberry bold for mami and my sista
Blackberry javelin for yours trully
Anyway, we just had a family dinner 2 hours a go and ofcourse after the actual dinner we stayed like an hour just to share and pimp our BB, talk about a tight family right? Hahahaha

Lovelove My Jav and still Love my N96! Let Blackberry tighten your family!! LOL

But I still love my BF more....... Maybeee hahahaha :- *

gerbera_iris at BlackBerry®

1 comment:

gabhod said...

and she left her boyfriend all aalllonneee... to excited with her jave .... hehehehhe :P

dasar kamu huney... udah jadi bb addicted gitu...

jangan lupakan your bf ddoonnggg :P