Mar 8, 2010

What title should I give this?

So... When will you get bored waiting for me... For an hour and a half at least...

And when you do get bored or tired or any other reason.. Will you tell me? Or just say nothing just to keep from getting angry or 'ngambek' ?

And when will I be that girl that he can be proud of?

Thank god he doesn't read my blog a lot anymore.. Lol

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Reza said...

ehhehee..who said that i dont read this blog anymore ;) i'll get tired when you stop whining to me :P hehehehehhehe... hugs hugs muach muach

your dearest,

sasvia said...

you read this??? ihhhhhh... i never whine!!! fitnaahhhhh..
muacchhhh hugsssssss