Aug 17, 2009

more than a month!! shame on me!!

okay it's been more than a month since i wrote on my blog???? shame on me!! lots and lots of update.. got my BF an NDS and i got most of the stuff on my makeup wishlist and even more (my rapelan is here!! hahahahah).. then i kinda got crazy on online shopping and my boyfriend think he need to do an intervention on me hahahah i am not that addicted sweety!!! oh and me and my sis got some free ticket to watch the proposal from FD!!! yeaayy!! but we haven't got a confirmation email from the editor so we'll just wait and see hehehe okay.. this is it for now.. i'm going to update with review on the beauty product, my haul, and ciciero bags !!


1 comment:

Gabhod said...

hehehe..bener sekali..shame on you!!! kok baru sekarang updatenya..padahal kan bisa pamer NDS ku..yang secara setiap sabtu n minggu di monopoli ma kamu and adek kamu :P hehehehhee...

btw..i'm serius about the intervention thingy..and TUTUP BUKU thingy :P hehehhehe