Jul 22, 2010

i think i should...

Start making a target for my blog..
Not a simple or standard target like blog once a week or once a month..
But  :
14 entry about makeup/fashion and 
7 entry about my dear life 
target expired end of august!!!
that's my goal! * smart 'eh including my birthday there?? no?? oh welllllll LOL*

hmm whhat should i call the title post *thingking*  ???
okay how about :
makeup/fashion : BEAUTY 01 - 14: [title post]
my life : ME 01 - 07 : [title post]

kinda suck but at least it's something! :D

let's get started then!..

good luck me!!!


1 comment:

geeky fiance said...

good luck dear...hope you could finish about your life first :P