Jul 31, 2010

Me 02 : Update.. shorttt update :D

saturday night at home  without the fiance, and working.. yes i just write that.. i'm working @ saturday night.. why you might ask? cause i just assigned to help some other division for 3 months while also working on my usual job.. tired? much! but oh well... I've got christian kane - thinking of you on my player, i can't believe that guy from leverage sing so good..

well the fiance is @padang attending his cousins wedding, i know it's a family thing but i just hate it when  he's in too far from me.. like last week when he went to bangka, or when he went to palu or balikpapan.. and next week to bali and aceh.. arrrggghhhhh.. dont like it!!! i know it's his job and he must go.. but i just dont like it.. worried mostly.. *le sigh....*

short update!! must woorkk must workkk!!!!

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