Feb 9, 2009


I'm so tired.. it's monday morning 10.30 AM in my office desk and all i want to do is go home and take a nap. i don't have a lot of work to do.. only little of this and little of that so probably that also contribute to my tiredness ( is tiredness even a word?? lol ) well, i've got some work thing schedule on wednesday so i've got something to write on my kate spade.. yeeyy!!
hmmm speaking about kate spade..funny story..according to me funny but for my boyfriend it's a sad sad story :p .. we celebrate our second anniversary this month. we like to exchange gifts, not a necessary habit but a fun one! and this time we decided to tell each other what kind of a gift it's going to be, it didn't exactly tell you what the present will look like so it's fun for us.. ..no harm right?? :p
That sweet boyfriend of mine tell me what he's going to buy..an organizer for a fresh start in my new office. and i said to him "that is such a good idea hun" so after he plant that image of a new organizer which i never think of to buy before.. i started to look for one :p i know i know it's not good cause he already told me he's going to buy one for me but i can't help it and then that thing happen.. that thing where i fell in love with a kate spade organizers which cost a zillion lol i know i cannot afford it and i seriouslly not going to ask my boyfriend for something that expensive but my mom tell me i should buy it cause she think it worth every penny.. well, i decided to wait and then in a blink of an eye i got that organizers!! well it's not a blink of an eye heheh my mom went to hongkong last week and she gave me that kate spade organizers!! not the one i originaly want but better!! so it all work out for me and everything, but my boyfriend have to look for another gift.. so sorry sweety..but it still three whole weeks till our day, you can just think of a better idea but don't tell me.. i might ruin it for you again :p
you were so nice when i told you my mom buy me that kate spade organizer that i whine and whine and whine for a whole week hehehehe and you just said that you're so happy for me even when i saw you glaring full of hatred to my new organizers lol =)) I Love You Sweety :p hope you find that new idea!!
good God i wrote a horribly boring story and i freakin don't care cause i wanna go homee!!!! i want to go to sleep in my bed :((

It's 1 PM , 4 more hours!!




gabhod said...

iiittss mmmyyy iiiddeeeaaaaa..mmmmyy fffreeaakkinnggg mmaarvveellouuss iiiddeeaaaaa..ii ddessppiitteee kkaattee ssppaaddeee..hehehehehee..eh salah!!! huhuhuuhuuhuhe. ayo ayo, jangan capek mulu..harus semangat!!!! and i still have no freakin idea what to get you its all because of the geourgeus and expensive kate spade of your... >:P hehehehehehe :-*

love you always,

gerbera_iris said...

capeeeek tapinyaaaaa :((