May 4, 2009

Freakin tired again..

It's almost 5 months.. Shouldn't I suppose to love my work by now? But why is it every time I imagine going to work the next morning just freakin devastated me... My job? Anybody can do it, it's not like I have to be there so the job will get done.. No, I'm not that important, my work is not that important and most of all, my presence doesn't effect that much.. I know I feel the same thing in my first job about 2 and a half years a go but it just lasted like a month and then I got this responsibility and a good friends. No back stabbing, no arrogance and no potty mouth.. When will I say 'God I'm glad I work here!!' .. When you hate your job for 4 freakin months, isn't it time to quit? But that just giving up and I won't give up.. I can hate it but I try to enjoy it at least.. Just wish I can share it with somebody who feel the same way but without acting overrated or bad mouthing some person or even just listen to a person opinion and then give yours nicely no need to yell at each other all the time.. Dear God I'm tired..... Thank God for a boyfriend right? (Thanks for before sweety....)

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gabhod said...

good to know i'm helping you beyb :-* i hope.. hehehehhehe....and your right...dont quit and dont give up...cause i know your not that kind of tought and just let all the other freakin people do the stuff they long as you know what your doing is right and honest..and even though i'm not in the same condition as you beyb..but i'm always here to hear everything about we could make fun of them and maybe...maybe i accidentally or miraculously have some words of wisdom for...heehhehehehe

yous trully,
gabhod :-* >:D<