May 30, 2009


I've read my post this past month and I seem so ungrateful..

I really do thankful for my new job, even though my status hasn't been cleared yet but I do have good days there and considering I probably will stay there for the long haul, I should make myself comfortable.. So Please don't get tired hearing me complain how I hate my job ya huney, it's just me being weird :p

And for the love of my life.. I don't know how many times I thank God for sending you into my life.. For the love you teach me.. For the weirdness you show me.. For your spoliations that sometimes annoyed me :p.. For the lesson you gave me.. For all your lecture so I can stand tall and be a strong girl.. Yes I am sometimes So tired waiting for your 'decision' but I am still going to be here to support you.. Am I making sense sweety ;p ?

Do you know how lucky we are sweety.. Well according to me we are, cause like what monica said to chandler 'how often that your best friend turns out to be your soulmate' or is it chandler who said that? Hehehe oh well :p

Thanks for spoiling me last week sweety.. maybe you did spoiled me everyday without me noticing (that means you should spoiled me more with hugs and kisses !!!!! Headache)

All and all I am so thankful for my life and I do hope I can get married ( at last I said the M word LOL) next year but the truth is that is all up to God (and my boyfriend :p) so I can only pray pray and pray..

With love,

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