May 8, 2009

Share a little something..

My friend just said that it just took a moment to create a lifetime of memory.. And that is so true! I've got those few moment actually. When that happen I sometimes share it in my blog except a couple of thing like my trip to bali with him which I'm to lazy to continue writing :p
But there's this one moment that will definitely be a special memory. It's his cousin wedding and at the almost end of the reception I'm just standing in the back watching the bride, and he came up from behind and call my name.. After that he gave me a flower, a single pink gerbera flower that he took from the reception table. And like a fool I just take the flower and make a joke about it hehehe maybe that's why he rarely do this romantic thing to me.. Cause I joke about it :p I didn't mean too really, it's just sometimes I'm really speechless after he did something romantic..
This is one of those rare moments that my boyfriend did something romantic without me giving a hint that I need something romantic hahaha and I don't know if all this really happen the why I told it just now or It happen but I romantizing (this is not even a word LoL) it more in my head? Well I don't care!! At least I have this memory :) thanks sweetheart..

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