Jun 1, 2009

Monday Sucks day!!!!! (my first Live blog)

11.41 AM
so bored..
what to do..what to do...
i'm almost finish with my penilaian thingy.. a little bit more but just too lazy to do it :p a
waiting for my noodle lunch...
will update later...

12.24 PM
finishing my noodle with rice..
gaining soo much fat huhuhuhuhuhu HATEEEEEE

12.53 PM
kinda jealous seeing my ex-coworker pics and my cousin status :((

1.12 PM
my sweetheart keep asking me about my 12.53 PM..
kasi tau ga yaaaa??????
i know howw sooo spoiled he be when he get curious..
should i wait.. until he spoiled me for that information??
seriouslly what am i saying here?? hahahahahha

2.12 PM
this is not a good day.. *sigh*

2.48 pm
i wish.. is not that hard or expensive for him to go to my office so he can pick me up from time to time..

3.19 PM
he said i'm very committed.. not true.. i'm just freakin boredddd...

3.26 PM
what to wear on saturday.. dress or jeans.. casual or semi casual.. probably ended up wearing jeans if i still feel this baddd..

3.28 PM
jeans probably better.. more freeing ( is freeing a word???? )

3.29 PM
kinda scared to tell my boyfriend...

3.30 PM
what if we go to his house not next week but the week after that..

3.31 PM
cause this week we already go to that event where we will meet his parents..

3.32 PM
hope he didn't read this post!! lol stupid me..

3.41 PM
can't keep my eyes open..must..go..to..sleep..

4.17 PM
Bentar lagi pulang!!!
awas kalo lupa game ku ya huneyyY!!!!!!!! :-*

4.37 PM

4.51 PM
pulang pulang pulang pulang pulang pulang !!!!!!

4.53 PM
getting ready to go home..
last live blog of the day..
pretty boring but hey i'm booreeedd and
still not feeling well cheers!!!!!


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