Jun 17, 2009

Am I asking too much? Am I being a spoiled princess?

First, aku minta just once in a while pick me up in my office.. Not everyday just at least once.. And you said okay you will if you know the way.. Okay I said.. When we have lunch together and you know how to get to my office.. God do you know how many times I wait.. Ga usah naek taksi d hun, naek ojek aja biar murah.. And you said you want it to be special, you want the first time picking me up being special.. You pick our anniversary and we know I ask you to do something so you can't.. Trus sampe sekarang huney?? 4 bulan kemudian? Are you waiting for another special ocassion?

Fine I'm letting go that one.. You know how much I hate the queue @ BI right? And a while back I ask you.. Kenapa ga sekali kali kamu ke harmoni aja kan di bi arah harmoninya juga ga ngantri.. And this is not something yang aku isyaratkan ke kamu but I really ask.. But you know what the first sentences coming from you 'tapi gapapa ya kalo kamu nunggu agak lama di harmoni'.. Dear god huney.. Can we at least talk about it first.. Jam berapa ketemuan.. Kamu bisanya dari kantor jam berapa.. Aku berangkat jam berapa dari kantor.. Harus ya langsung like that? And after I said ya udah ga usah.. That's the last we talk about it.. Iya aku juga ga minta lagi tapi udah gt hun, that's it? Or when I frontally ask you to meet me di harmoni.. Kamu pasti selalu nanya balik.. Why can't you just do it.. I'm asking you huney.. Aku udah ga cuma ngasi some freaking signal..

You keep answering me with yes, okay later I will do it, if I can.. Tapi kapan hun? is it too big of a request? For you too pick me up once in a while not in my office only in harmony.. Is it too much?

Everytime I said I'm tired queue ing in bi all you can say cuma 'kamu mau pulang duluan?' How to make you understand that I wanna go home with you but please just once in a while can you spare me and do what you promise me.. Do what you say to me..

kenapa susah banget si for this one little thing.. Soo many reason soo many excuses.. Should I just let go? Toh aku ga bisa krumah his parents cause I can't took the public transportation.. So maybe we can call it even?

Sorry ya hun if you read this.. I'm just rambling..

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