Jan 18, 2010

Benefit Silky Finish Lipstick in "Rocket Pop" Review

My First Real Review!!

pics from : Benefit

For ages i always love lipstick.. I've tried from a mid/low end brand lipstick like oriflame to a high end brand lipstick like chanel or dior. I never settle to a shade in lipstick, always changing color from peach to pink and even bright orange (never red i don't know why :p). I also never finish a lipstick, I'm a lipstick adventurer :D
so eventough  i love them, i never have an HG lipstick. Until one day my mom came home from Singapore and gave me a Benefit Silky Finish Lipstick in "Rocket Pop" and i just instantly fall in love.

  1. The lipstick texture is smooth and silky and It goes on very creamy in my lips i really love i. you wouldn't even have to use a lip balm before this and your lips will never feel dry *NEVER*. maybe because it's so creamy cons : it doesn't stay long in your lips maybe because it's so creamy..
  2. The color is so very pigmented, for Rocket Pop the color is dark rose that can make your lips look full and naturally pigmented once you use it.. The color is also buildable from sheer to very pigmented.
  3. I try Using it with a brush, i like it but not as much as i like the usual traditional way on using lipstick lol
  4. I LOVE THE COLOR!!! rocket pop had a very beautiful shade..
  5. The finishing result got a slight shine but no shimmer *love it*
  6. a little bit in the pricey side. In singapore the price is around S$ 32 . expensive if you compare it to MAC lipstick which cost merely S$26
So even there's a couple of cons i still love this lipstick and happily called it my HG lipstick. I tried to find dupes and so far i only found NYX in B52, kinda similar but it doesn't have that shine that make your lips look full like the benefit does. So i'm sticking with my benefit :D

On the cons side, this lipstick finish very quickly. one lipstick only for like 3  months more less, i don't know if i use it to barbaric but it finish too soon! i'm in my fourth rocket pop lipstick now and got only one backup.. i so cannot life without this lipstick hahahahaha

I'm still a lipstick adventurer but i will always have this as my HG and something that will never go wrong *wink*

Overall Rating : 4.5/5  ( .5 cut : pricey stuff for something that finish so fast!)
Will buy again : Definitely

*sorry for the not so good pics :p


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