Jan 15, 2010

ending a relationship..

oh i almost forget to post this!!!

2 days a go, my boyfriend and i talking about how it was easier to go through a  break-up when we're in the side that called it off.. he's saying that cause he tried both :D and then he said "it's the same for you, you called it quits so it's easier for you than for your ex". well at that time i agree with him.. until i look back..

breaking up with somebody is always devastating. even when you're in the side who called it quits.. at that time is not that it was easier for me but i just feel numb.. i cannot feel anything, i did cried for an hour exactly the next day.. but after that it's just numb.. i feel nothing.. not hate.. not hurt.. not pain.. nothing.. so it's not easier i guess, it's just like you don't have anything to feel.. thank god i had a splendid friends then..
i don't remember if i tell him this or not??? heheheheh oh well.. selamat membaca sayang..


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