Jan 22, 2010

A very old story chapter III

In the mood to continue this story :)

So this is the random thing before I get to the pdkt-not pdkt fiasco... :D

I graduated in june.. Got a job in september and the graduation ceremony is on october... So from june till october I didn't meet him at all.. It's not that I have to meet him or anything.. We still chat, we still tease each other and I still tell him everything.. but I kinda want to see him so when it's time for the gladi resik of the ceremony, I'm a little excited to see him.. Hmm how can I explain that day in english.. Indonesia-english mode dulu deh hahahaha

Okay so the gladi resik, what was he thingking... We act like 2 strangers and just say hi and that's it.. He's too busy with his friends... Seball!! Tp tentunya act cool besides my (ex) boyfriend was there.. It's just that, we were so close in ym but when we met it's like hmmm we do have chemistry, but it' like we're holding back to be best friends in real life.. Doesn't make any sense isn't it? Oh well, only you read this ya un :p

anyway, ya bgitulah... Lagi really not in the mood to continue berhubung ni post udah di anggurin beberapa lama.. Jd itu dulu aja daripada di delete kan sayang hahahaha...

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