Feb 3, 2007

(*) Best part of being single (*)

  1. I can leave my phone dead for days without somebody being mad at me
  2. I can go out with my girlfriends anytime I want
  3. I can go out with my guyfriends anytime I want and without guilt (you know how I am with guilt)
  4. I can spend more time with my mom and dad without somebody being mad about it.
  5. Just being plain free to have different feelings without somebody told you what to do or what to feel..

Don’t get me wrong..i like having someone beside me, holding my hands and especially protect me when some guy teasing me, like some weird guys who said things like “hey beautiful,wanna come with me” (I know!!somebody really said that to me hahaha), the feeling I have when I know that he really liked me and will be there for me even if he never said anything.
Anyway, arent we talking about best part of being single? hahahaha
The point is starting from now..just take thing slow..dont think to far ahead..just enjoy this new life of yours..i’m sure something or someone good will come along..like I’m sure something good will happen to me hahaha



Anonymous said...

if you got to make a post about this, it says a lot!!! :P anyway not for long!!!

Anonymous said...

that's the spirit, you go girl~~! :-)