Feb 4, 2007


do you know how much pain i feel right now..like somebody has taken me to heaven and then drop me from there..well the heaven thing is only a metaphore but you understand what i mean..
but my friend ask me..which one will you choose?to feel that kinda joy and happiness for just a minute and know that it will hurt you in the end or never feel anything, not pain, joy or happiness just protect my hearts from all harms way? hmm..i can answer this in a jiffy without any hesitation, i pick joy and pain anytime hahaha..how crappy i feel now at least i have the joy and happiness memory right?hahaha well that's what i've been telling myself this past few days..
i treasure the memory for sure but is it worth the pain..well only time will tell me that..i still dont know what i really feel anyway..
can i ask you girls something..do you remember how many guys that makes you cry until now? cause i do..3 person..3 stupid guys..yup only 3..or is it too much??hahahhaha i really have no idea...but as long as they dont see me cry is fine by me!! well except when in an unreasonable situation...when i cry in front of that guy then he's out of line!!!hahahaha
well that's it for today..

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Anonymous said...

*ehem* 3 guys? oh girl u so popular :-P Just be cool and be patient.. hope you'll find the best man only for you...