Feb 1, 2007

At this moment..

at this moment, i dont feel so good..i dont know if it's just my feeling or is it a sign for something..one thing i know..this time i feel anger, jealousy,pain and everything bad..i know..i'm such a drama queen..but that's how i feel and just wanna say something about it..
anyway..i think i kinda know what make me feel down like this but i cant share this one in this blog or to anybody..let's just say it's so pathetic of me..involving me hurting myself (not physically) and having too much hope on something that I KNOW is impossible..the thing is i like this situation..cause it's good when the ball is in my court but it's in somebody else the pain is sooo badddd..hmm what the heck am i talking about!!!!
but what's life without a little hope and dream?even if it's hurt like somebody crush your heart like a bug..

well at least my day is not so bad since this nice guy offer me his jacket..thanks a lot ya mas..so freezing here.. and
so hungrryyyy right nowwww...



Anonymous said...

your bad!!!:P

Anonymous said...

hugs can fix it too;)