Feb 8, 2007

spinning day today!!

it's a hard day for work and health..
well as you all knows how stupid i am, i dont use my umbrella when is raining thingking i will be fine..and well i'm not fine..my head hurt like somebody spin it 200 times..i feel like i'm going to vommit and i got a lot of work..i usually dont take meds a lot but this is an emergency situation..1 panadol didnt do it but 2 kinda make it easier at least makes me finish my work in time..still dizzy i have to go home but thank god i'm not alone..thanks for letting me rest my head for a little while..the bus is kinda spinning like crazy or is it just me??ahahhaha
now nothing change...head keep hurting and spinning..feel sick and guess whatt people??!! i have to be in the office at 6 am in the morning..

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

u're already brought ur umbrella girl! will ya pleaseeee stick with it??? take very well care of yourself.... hope u'll be better reall soon...