Feb 13, 2007

i'm sorry...

to all my friends who chat with me today well on february 13th...i'm so sorry for being so b**chy..and annoying..and hyper sensitive..and mad for no reason..and acting crazy..and laughing like a lunatic..and yelling..well all more then my usual self..just not in a good mood..a very very bad mood..i tell you the reason but then it's a women thing..anyway..bare with me for this week okay hehehehe i'm not really mad at you guys..
to cappuletkhan =>thanks for the dvd..really entertaining hehehehe


cappuletkhan said...


everytime i watch those miniseries,i always laugh n laugh n laugh,ga kukuwwww... so leave all ur mad n stress behind.. just watch that miniseries girl.. :D

netslayer said...

hm2.. apa tu miniseriesnya, bikin penasaran aje.. hehehe... :p