Aug 22, 2007

Adia's Wedding - May 2007

The day start of very very early in the morning.. I woke up at 4 in the morning (nothing to do with gwen song that is), take a bath and waiting for mas Teddy and mba Iroh who did me,my mom and my sis hair and make up..
After a looonnggggggg and painful hours, Ta-Da!!! we're set and ready looking beautifully georgeus like we're going to a wedding..emm well we are going to a wedding, so thats fine i supposed to be metafora thingy but that did'nt work nicely hmm well....what the heck am i talking about...just forget everything you read in this particular paragraph..
well we go on to adia's house to eat breakfast..
and the breakfast..
MMmmm *droolll* just great ( or is it just because i'm hungry so everything looks delicious? ).
Then off we all go (my big family) to the building (aneka tambang building, i don't know where exactly this place is..) .
oh, we divided into like six car and i went with my cousin cause he's alone. after a couple of miles along the road he told me that he forgot to fill up the gas and he didnt know if there's any gas station along the way there..what??!!why me??! me in this lovely georgeus dress,make up and hair-do??!! and of course my darn cousin, which is also the brother's bride,only exaggerating.. we got there safe and sound..

Me and my Cousin
( yes! the one who almo
st make me push his car :D )

There we met with my other family and getting ready to start the 'akad nikah'.. i like seeing my relatives or my friends get married..why you ask? seeing them happy? well thats one thing.. the main thing is i can play dressed up and wear make up and do my hair differently and looking pretty,so come on people!! get maried and invite me!! :))
with me holding the seserahan, camera, phone, bag i almost missed my boyfriend ( well not really he's so big how can i missed him? hehehe just kidding hun!!!) he looked soo cute in that shirt and clean cut shave and a too small jas..

and then the ceremony start, the akad nikah didnt use any adat so its a usual thing but looking at your closest cousin getting married with this beautiful and nice girl was just priceless..he's one of my closest cousin, from my father side..there are 14 of us - the kosasih family - maybe one of the reason we're so close is that my grandpa always push us to stick together and that kinda stuck until now..
You know like 7 or 8 years
a go when it's lebaran, and we were just hangout at my grandpa house and suddenly my grandpa tell us that we were going to my other cousin house to play..we were soo excited cause we love to play there. so when we're on the car heading there, do you know where he takes us? to our other grandparents house for 'silaturahmi' .. our own grandfather tricked us hehehehe we ended up having fun anyway..this doesnt have anything to do with the wedding isnt it hehehehe...

..My Precious Treasure..

when the reception, they use adat betawi and i never seen this will be interesting to see if i can that is.. as usual me, my sister, and two of my cousin have to stay in the front table.. the ceremony sounds interesting anyway (yes i can hear it happening..pathetic..i know..), and i havent even see the video of the ceremony..
anyway all and all it's a beautiful ceremony, my grandpa would love to be there..

the food was good too..thank good for my sweet boyfriend who always bringing me food and making me slacking my job :p thanks for holding my cellphone , thanks for holding my little tiny bag, thanks for being patient listening to my constant complaint ( my feet hurts, this heelss to high, this kebaya is too small, i'm soo ugly, i'm so fat, i'm hungry..well that kind of complaint lol) and we take soooo much pictures on that day.. we just love taking pictures!!! thanks dear...for everyything...we also always laugh uncontrollably, i dont know why hehehehehe..

-- just perfect pose !! --
love doing this with you anytime huney..

The day end just perfect with us together ...

ps. please mind the bad english hehehehehhe


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