Aug 28, 2007

meet the parents..

maybe i supposed to tell stories in based on date...
hmm but i wanna tell this story now..

it was a rainy night with thunder and lightning flashes upon my eyes...heheheh now that was too dramatic lol well its just a usual night after i came home from work..and suddenly BAM! mystupidly handsome boyfriend said "huney, can i ask you a favor?let's meet my parents and my aunt next week.." and in an utter shock i just hmm dead silence oh and he continues with more newsss.. "oh and the week after that there's this family gathering just a little thing for my father birthday" (a little thing??!!! yeah right!!! well this is another story to tell) hahahahahaha and i just said "yes, sure why not" hahahahhahaha
why not you ask?? gosh, well i dont know, maybe because i'm scared as heck!!!
what if he's parents dont like me..
what if they were not that nice to me..
what if they think i'm a bad influence for their son..
what if i dont know what to say..
what if i fall in front of them..i mean literally fall..fall flat in my face..oh with my hobby falling down everywhere, this bound to happen..
what if they asked me something important and with my stupid hearing problem i just look at them with stupid and confused look in my face..

well when that day arrived i tried to look my best as polite and as nice possible so they can see their "calon menantu" (his word not mine lol) is beautiful and honorable hahahahhahaha (yeah right!!!) oh this is not the first time i meet them but then i'm not their son's girlfriend.. hmm as usual i told story that unrelated with my first story..

okay then i meet them..and all the time what's on my mind is..
"what should i say"
"what?!where are you going!!!dont leave me here alone with your parents!!!"
"they dont like me,do they??i knew it..i knew it..i'm bad with parents..."
well, thats some of those things on my mind at that time...

but his parents is so nice..they talk to me like they really like me..yeeyy me!!!
we -me and his parents- even joke around about their son hehehehehe sorry baby..
and we even talk when he's not around, they talkedto me!! yeeeyy!!

all and all this day end very very good..i think his parents not hate me and thats enough.. (and now i'm thingking how to make them like me, use a spell?use a drug?or use a spell binding parfume?? hahahahahaha)
oh and i think i eat too much krupuk kulit cause his mother give me a bag of krupuk kulit to take home hahahahahahahaha

i'm glad they probably like me sweety..thanks for that memorable day..


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GaBhoD said...

Oh did more then just were wonderful as you are..and just wait for a box of more of that kerupuk kulit sweety..heheheheheh