Aug 21, 2007

This Thing Called Happiness

it's been like almost six month i did'nt post anything in this blog..
well i'm back !! (Yeey me!! - and i know i'm the only one who read this blog LOL)

in this past six month i have a new boyfriend (a good guy indeed which i can read my whole experience with him, before we actually together in this blog), lost a bestfriend, went to my brother wedding, went to bidadari island with my co workers in indosat, meet my boyfriend parents, meet more of my boyfriend family, my birthday, his birthday, went to a co workers wedding in bandung hmm what else..what did i missed..well i tell all along the way..

bottom line is i'm happy..

and i'm truly sorry to the people i hurt so that i can gain this happiness..

love always,

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