Aug 23, 2007

have the need to tell somebody... :D

Well i know my imagination can go wild an really really weird sometimes but i just imagining something.. Something which i have to shared with somebody without anybody finding out lol..

imagine me in this beautiful white dress or very very pretty white kebaya that my mom made me..

(scene took place at a beautiful mosque in morroco or europe or rusia )

yes people.. i'm imagining my wedding!! LOL

and my future husband wearing this black tux customade just for him..

my mom, dad, and sister...

his mom,dad, and siblings...

my 2 best friends..

his best friends..

my cats (i know its impossible but who knows :p )


Annie Leibovitz as the photographer to take our photo from the ceremony till the 'after wedding gathering' (have you seen her work??!! perfect!!!)

its a great thought isnt it?

imagine after the ceremony we went to the most beautiful places there to take pictures just me, him and our closest people in our life..


nice to getaway from work for a minute !!! LOL

ps. you can guess i write this after seeing
Annie Leibovitz work of art hehehehe

yours trully,


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