Jan 23, 2007

not important to read!!

how do you know when you fell in love for somebody? are you instantly know that he's the one for you?or you know that he could take care of you?or you get jealous when some girl try to make a move on him?
okay that's probably to heavy..let's try...how do you know when you like somebody?
i'm not a risk taker..i really am not..so all my life i never made a decision that needs me to look deep inside me particularly my heart..i only need to choice what's best for me and if my heart say yes then no doubt at all.. but now i have to face some difficult decision that i know whichever i choose i will hurt someone..either it's the easy choice or the hard one..i cannot possibly stay like this forever..but i also dont want to make a decision right now or make any commitment..as cliche as it sound, i really need some time for myself..to figure out what i want and to know what i need..i dont need empty promises, i dont need words without action and i absolutely dont need somebody treating me special just for one time and forgot about it. i've been through that a lot and i dont want that to happen again.
if i didnt make a decision, it will hurt even more..not for me maybe but for the people whose waiting on me to make a decision..when somebody said that he's going to back off and make it easier foryou to make a decision..for me that's just make it even harder and painfull but maybe it's for the best? at least i'm the one who feel that way right? but then again i'm tired feeling hurt...
a friend of mine said to me stop being such an angel and be selfish for once..well i dont always think about other people feeling before mine, not that i know of..
you know what people or whoever read this blog i write..just forget what i say okay..nothing important..i'm just babling my so called life..and i'll stop before i write my whole love stories in this little tiny blog..


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