Jan 8, 2007

This simple dream..

my first post should be light topic..
enjoy reading it..

ever think about the happily ever after part of your life?
ofcourse..who doesn't..
when i think about mine..
i see house filled with kids,cats and a loving husband..
oh and a big beautiful bathroom..
but that is still way way far considering i'm only 22..

for now my happily ever after is simple..
the man i loved embrace me into his arm..
and hug me with love..
this simple dream..
this simple tought..
seem so hard to be done..

can he just stop for one minute..
look at me..
see me as a women the he loved or care..
stop all the denial and argue..
and take me in his arm..
and just hug me..
hug me like he's going to protect me from all the harm comes my way..
make me feel safe and warm..

is it that hard..

even if it is just for a minute..
or maybe two..

and even if
after that he forgot all about it..

well that's why they called it dream i guess
because is just a fairy tale..
mia favola..



arnoza said...

some people may call it foolish, childish, or senseless reasons... but if it's real enough for us to experience, then maybe we may live in that dreamy fairy tale kind of live...

Gabhod said...

dreams is something you want to achieve...just don't imagine your dreams but catch it, walk in it, and grab it like you won't let it go....
because if you believe in your dreams it might happen..specially with the LOTS OF CATS thingy!! muahahhahahahahahahahaha

netslayer said...

it sure is nice to have dreams... but never give up, don't hesitate to move forward... believe in your heart that someday, one very meaningful day... you'll realize that you already living in that kind of dreams you want...