Jan 31, 2007


started with a regular post about my day but my day is so boring so i'm just going to write something that's describe me hahhaha wall a little tiny part of me..
i love hugs...friendly hugs..care hugs and boyfriend girlfriend hugs..i like it more than anything..well except shoes and bags hahahaha..it's just the save feeling that you got..when i see someone (note that this people is special!!! not just someone passing by hahaha), i just wanna know how does it feel to be hug by that person..is it the warm feeling..the cold feeling or the save feeling i always imagine? or it's just nothing..flat..no sparks..
how does it feel when you rest your head in their hugs, how their arms protect you from all danger that will come, how their hugs express their feelings..hahahah am i imagining an impossible person?? ohand dont get me wrong..the person it's a HE but not somebody in a particular or so i said..
not to mention if their sick or in trouble!! just wanna hold them and say that everything will be okay and you can count on me..hahah this is so cliche but i just feel that way when i see the person..
but what if it's just one sided..i dont wanna hug somebody and they just stand there and do nothing..not even react to my hug..
well anyway that's just a little piece of me..
so when you see me stare at you weird, looking at you weird, talking weird and smile weird..that means i imagining how does it feel to be hug by you!!!!! hahahahahahahahaha


cappuletkhan said...

not only u honey.. me too,i want to be hug by someone that really-really care n love me,always be patient for me when i get mad n angry for something that really not important.. but who is he ??? still looking for my lovely couple,n if i find him i just wanna to be hug by him every minute,and say to him that i love him every single little tiny of my breath wuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..... :p

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for mine too!! ummm just to elaborate, I'm waiting for my (...) hug from you (the author of this blog)!