Jan 30, 2007


i'm going to write something about a movie that make me cry..
weird movie that will make me cry..

that i can do next time..

you should know when you hurt somebody right?
but why do men is so clueless??
anybody can give me an answer to that??
oh and yes..this is me generalizing men!!

just post a comment if you can answer that question..



netslayer said...

well... umm.. i always try to not hurt my friends, especially if it's a woman... truly no intention to hurt their feelings but sometimes i also made a mistake, i am only but a human ya know... usually i realize that i made a mistake and tried to set things right up... asap.. 'coz being hurt is a worse feeling, i know that well. Maybe some people (men and women) are just clueless, it's the same goes to man too sometimes. Perhaps 'coz they're not understand each other's so well? Well, just my thought...

arnoza said...

As I said, it took two people to make someone feels hurt, and it's not just men, often women did that too...

And also as I said before, men are not a mind reader... why can't women just stop playing puzzle and tell us just what is wrong? coz that's how we solve problems right? by communicating...

so... how about that movie you cried on? =P

cappuletkhan said...

hmmm.. what can i say.. sometimes men or women can hurt each other.. sometimes men are too dumb to realize that they've already make mistakes.. but women are the most fragile human being that always hurted by men. that's life honey.. u must be patient for everything tha could be happen in front of u..

i just can say that not every women and men did that to each other. if they have passion to love each other and have strong understanding between them,they can live happily ever after. Thats everyones dreams and also my dreams too... so keep up live with ur dreams honey.. dreams always keep up the spirit inside us :D (that's my opinion) -love to read ur blog.. its like a fairy tale.. keep it up :D