Jan 22, 2007


enough with the serious post (for now..)

yesterday i'm just remembering about my past..
remember in a good way..

when i was in high school, my family and i went to aussie for a vacation..
it was so much fun..

and we went to sea world and when i see everything and everyone and every animal there..

it hit me.. i want to be a marine biologist!!

i know..just caught up in the moment..
but just to imagine that happening..

t's a nice dream..

especially picturing me working there..

but like i said it's not really possible..

well first i'm not that good in biology..

second i doubt that indonesia got a marine biologist major..

that 2 thing is enough to stopping that foolish dream of mine..

but it's really nice to imagine something yo
u know you cant do..


1 comment:

NetSlayeR said...

When I was a little boy, I wished to be an astronout :p and would like to see what's sun like a lot more closer *lol* anyway, those kittens are soooo cuteeee (>.<)