Jan 10, 2007

This Regret..

How do you feel if you have your biggest regrets haunt you forever..makes you cry everytime you remember it..makes you wish you could turn back the time..maybe for some people my regrets is a usual thing or maybe I think other people regrets are not as important as mine..
That’s why it was nice to have someone to share the same regret, not that I’m happy that something like this happen to other people..but with that person you can share your pain and tell them things that only he will understand

But I can only blame myself for my choices..

I hope is all just a cliché story and I also wish it’s just a story…But I finally can share my pain with somebody that goes through the same or maybe worst thing than me..

Thanks for listening and understanding (you know who you are) :)


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Even till this day,
I don't want to face the truth,
denial is so bliss,
I've never visited the place,
where he was laid to rest,
life so precious,
I wanted so much more,
now memories are all thats left,
it isn't gone, but he is.