Sep 18, 2007

Best Friend? nope..i have special friends..

in my mind i always think that i had to have a best friend.. in whatever time and stages i was in, when I'm in kindergarten, elementary school, junior school, high school, college and even now at work..
in my own perspective (skepticism you may called it) that best friend doesn't have to be long lasting thing, its enough for that stages time in my live only..not that i don't want long lasting best friend thingy but usually after passing each stages, my best friend usually change into just friends..well that what happened from kindergarten ( duuuhh!!!) through junior school.
well in college i do find new best friend but it seems friendship in college is more complicated, too much drama and so on..and friendship is very tiring at that time..i do remember a couple of time in college i don't have anyone to tell all my problems..and I'm a good listener so i kinda miss somebody telling me their problems or's not like i don't have any best friend at that time..of course i do but gradually they turned into just friends..
well there's this one guy..we were best friend since fifth semester, mostly cause we like to chat late at night in yahoo messenger..well i talked he listen and he talk i listen..we ended up being best friend he's my sweet and patient boyfriend hehehehe...
high school on the other hand, change my skepticism about best friend, i found this six girls that was so nice to me and i ended up being best friend with them, its just kinda relieve to know that i will always had a shoulder to cry on (tell stories especially). when we graduated, i really try to hang on with this one. they all mean so much to me...

from all of my experience , when I feel that i don't have anybody to talked to or i don't have any best friend , i will still have my six friends from high school. They are not just my best friends,they are my special friends who will always be there for me whenever i needed anything..and it's been a good 9 years with full of happy or sad memories and i hope we will have the next nine years and the next one and the next one to share our stories and dreams..

oh, it's not like i forget my boyfriend for that "
I feel that i don't have anybody to talked to or i don't have any best friend" thingy :p , somebody told me that having your best friend as your couple can be the best thing that happen to you or just the worst thing . and i don't think the worst happen to me *wink* ..

and in spite of everything that people think, me and him did start purely from best friend (and we still are).. please don't tell me otherwise unless you already went through the same thing.. which at that time you'll know what i mean about pure best friend..ooh and don't think i write this last paragraph to defend my self, i don't really care about what they think and if they already make up their mind about me and him,my last paragraph certainly not going to change their mind. just don't go make up lies to other people.

and why do i suddenly sound so mad??? LOL

have a happy ramadan !!


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