Sep 29, 2007

This week is so....

What can I say about today and yesterday or all this week for that matter.. all good things happen and also not so good things.. then lets just make this short so I don’t bore the people (my boyfriend) who read my blog..
Lets start with the bad first..this week especially is the most tiring week of all.. and that’s gotta do with work boss gave me a work that have to be done in a week, and it’s a lot and then my supervisor also left me some “presents” which I also have to finish and then I have to do my weekly report also *sigh* so so tired… well at least the good thing is I finish all my work this week..and then on Wednesday I have to go home alone without my boyfriend L I don’t like walking alone, but I think I will do that a lot in the next months or so cause he’s getting so busy…hope he didn’t forget about me : p
Now the good part..
Yesterday is our 7th anniversary (no not years also not days its months).. yeeeyyy!! Well we planning to celebrate it together but we ended up eating with my family.. it’s been a quick and long seven months.. quick cause we’re just start dating for 7 months but we got a good understanding between us I don’t say we don’t have flaws or we’re perfect or anything like that but we just click and all in a really fast time..maybe because we’re best friend first and then we’re a couple..yes I know you all tired reading me and him as best friend but deal with it, we’re most likely a good couple cause we’re best friend. A long seven month cause I can feel and remember every single nice and kind thing he done and I’m able to forgive and forget the things he did wrong to me and hold no grudge..

Today was special for me (and him?) cause finally we can have a meal 2gether and window shopping in couple of store ( okay okay 5 stores at least but it’s not just me!! I also look something for hin lol)..after that ( this I cant believe he did) he wait for a long one and a halfhour for me to get my haircut..thanks sweety I really really appreciate that..
And huney..i’m waiting for our monthly chat sweety : p

well this is the new haircut,ga keliatan ya? gitu2 aja :((

i :x u


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GaBhoD said...

Happy 7 months anniversary baby!!!
Yes when are we going to do our monthly report?? :P
Btw...your hair looks great...and yes you're become more n more georgous...

PS : I :X U :-*