Sep 19, 2007

You Must Be

That's my YM status for the day.. you must be is a song by Gina Rene which is also one of the soundtrack from Step up Movie, they use this song in the roof top scene where the 2 character dance while romantic i know he3x..but when i hear this song it's not all those thing i remember..
i remember the rain and my geeky lovely boyfriend ;p ..
i think i always love rain --not to be mistake with that cute actor playing Korean drama full house but he's also a bit handsome isn't he? well thats out of topic--,heavy rain or just little raindrops.. well my reason back then is, when it's raining.. i can just go to my room, turn on the air conditioner, reading a book with a hot chocolate next to me..thats just like heaven on earth he3x (yes i know!! what a lazy girl!!)
Nowdays every time i hear that song i remember the rain and every time it's raining, that song plays in my head..
i don't know when i started to have this obsession about rain..i know i use to love it but to obsessed? well i think it's fine as long i can control it he3x..and i know one of the reason i love the rain is because of my boyfriend..
every time we were going home and there's a little sign of raining, he will "ask" me to bring an umbrella which i will " accidentally " forgot (is that an improper use of quotation mark? LOL)
well what he doesn't know is that i really like the rain because I'm with him..
when i can feel the raindrops in my hand with him by my side and that song playing in my head..
yes i know it's very cheesy but i do feel like that and I'm going to enjoy every single second when it happen again..
i like his expression when he tells me not to go into the rain, especially his kinda mad expression that said "it's a big rain, we better stay until it stop or at least not this big" ..all that expression just makes me wanna go into the rain with you baby he3x
even though he often said things like that, he always let me..and our adventure under the rain is countless..rain drops, usual rain or even heavy rain..
the heavy rain one is fun ( sorry for not listening sweety :p but i didn't regret it at all).. so we were heading to the trans Jakarta (busway) station in monas..and we stuck in his office at the KPPTI building, according to me the rain is not that big and i did bring an umbrella so i suggest that we just go on..and of course he said "hell no , this is HEAVY RAIN!!" (mind the language, i don't think he really said that but it's kinda fun to write it like that :p ) but then i just said its fine it's not that big of rain and we can use the umbrella anyway and then i look at him with that kitty cat eyes (i don't like puppy dog eyes he3x) ... well he finally said yes and we go walk to the station..big mistake baby!! cause it is a heavy rain very very heavy...well at first its not that big, its just like a couple of drops and then it's just getting bigger and bigger ha3x and we trap in the middle of the road..the umbrella didn't do much, well the fact that it's a very very tiny umbrella may play the part :D my shoes were wet,his shoes were clothes, my hair is all wet, so was his..and then when it's getting too big we have to stay in the telephone booth for a while (kinda romantic isn't it? well according to me not him that is ha3x). after the rain is not that heavy anymore, we started walked to the station with that tiny umbrella..don't get me wrong, the not so heavy rain is still heavy just not very very ( i didn't make any sense, did i? lol)
and all that time that you must be song keep playing in my mind, and in a couple of time when we walk, its just like we're moving in a slow motion ( cheesy and delusional ha10x )
Just like i said before..i enjoyed every single second of it and didn't regret anything..
and even though all that little bickering and i told you so from you..i know you enjoyed it to sweety and you will do that with me again in a heartbeat ;)

When I'm with you
you know you make my days
so beautiful
with your different ways
you make me lighter
I'm movin with the wind
love you know what you got for me
i got for you too
we can't pretend

give me another chance to breathe in
you got all the things i need and
together we're just so complete
you must be the reason I'm alive

(Gina Rene - You Must Be)

with love,

*this post is for every single raindrops we will went through in the future sweety.

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