Sep 10, 2007

another wedding...

Last saturday is a very interesting day..

Well the day start of early morning with bird chirping, the sun shining through the window and the cats singing good morning. i'm awake with this smile in my face and start dancing with the cats *remember that cinderella scene in the morning where the birds and the mouse sing and dance? exactly like that, i just change the mouse into a cat cause i dont really think there's a mouse in my room but then again i dont think all this can really happen*........... i really should stop starting my stories with dramatic effects..

it's actually the usual morning..i wake up in like 8 a.m and start doing my hair and make up for the wedding i will attend today..its my friend selo from college whose getting married and the wedding start at 11 p.m...well i finish in like 9 and thingking what the heck i'm going to do for 2 hours so that my make up and hair wont be messed up..and i failed miserably..

well my boyfriend came at around 10 a.m and at that one hour from 9 to 10, i just like sit still in my room so i didn't messed up my hair..and when he came i don't wanna be near him when he's bad enough if i messed up my hair..but what if i stink?? and its not like that you were smelly hun hehehehhe really you're it all worth that effort to keep my hair and make up very good? well you be the judge of it after seeing the photos..

i like this pic, i didn't look that bad...
so i put it everywhere lol..

well we finally went there like 11 .a.m and my friend mudie called, he ask us where are we..well we're just in front of my house :p it's not that far when there's no traffic jam and there's no traffic jam thank god! and there we met mudie and faris first and then our other college friends..we linger there for some times, and grab some food and catch up with our college friends and then grab another food hehehehe... well at 1 a.m, me and my boyfriend went back to our house to rest to get ready for our date..yes it is a busy saturday ;p

Me, mudie and faris..

and then at 4 p.m we went to pizza hut again, i think we eat pizza hut in our last date..and then some window shopping..oh and i see this beautiful orange-pink wallet in guess, it's sooooo good and i soooo want it..well my boyfriend already tell me to buy it if really really wanted it..and i really really wanted it but i decided to wait and think about it, and probably buy it tommorow or next week..good decision?? soo not! after finish a long hard thingking i decided to buy it the day after..and guess what..they dont have it anymore.. and on monday i tried to fine it in other places..they also dont have it..just my luck isnt it? sorry for not listening to you huney..and thanks for looking that wallet with me yesterday huney..

at the end of the day we said good night..hugs..and...chatting on the telephone again after he arrived at he place LOL

well thats saturday and a little bit of sunday and monday..

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