Sep 22, 2007

For That Wonderful Night

July 14th, 2007

My 20th birthday was almost 3 months ago..okay okay thats my sister age, I'm really my 21st birthday was almost 3 months a go.... *lies lies lies lies* okay fine..I'm really 23, and not a minute older!! hmm but now is like i'm around 23 years 2 months 20 days, anyway thats not really important he3x lets start over...
My 23rd birthday was almost 3 months ago..but i still can remember every detail of it. it was the most beautiful, lovely and just simply memorable birthday i ever had my whole life..unless when the day i was born of course, thats the top of my birthday list lol.. anyway, my birthday was in Saturday just the right time for date night with my huggable boyfriend ;p Saturday use to be very boring (well exactly like today cause he had to go to his home in pamulang and i'm aloneeeee :(( hehehehehe just kidding baby) but now i loovvveee our date night :p
it started one night before my birthday when i'm in bistro deliferance PIM2, and i tried to called him but either he didn't answer it or he act like he doesn't wanna speak to well yeah i kinda curse a lot to my sister about him hahahahha not bad curse though, just he's being a pain..

When its almost 12 i do expect my boyfriend to at least call me not just text me.. and it's 12 he didnt even have the decency to call me..well i get my first text and birthday greet from my lovely cousin Naya (thanks sis!) and when i just replying my couz text suddenly my sister calling me from outside, her exact word is "teh, sini liat si meng lucu deh" and i said hold on a second but she was very very insisted at that time soo i went outside and guess who i found in my living sweet boyfriend..holding a rose bouquet..

and at that moment i just stand in front of my room..a little bit confused he3x...and the word coming out of my mouth is only "what are you doing here??" he3x and then he gave me the 23 roses which is wrap in one bouquet..23 roses for 23 years..and i jut cant stop smiling when he gave me that bouquet..and then i see a cake in my dinner table..he gave me a blueberry cheesecake from harvest which said happy birthday sasvia with a 2 and 3 candle in it (i should take that cake photo rather than blew the candle and just instantly eat it he3x)...I'm just speechless..and then come the presents!!

he gave me a big stitch doll, a little stitch doll, a garfield comic book and above all he gave me this beautiful ring with 2 heart shape jewel in it, one is pink and one is colorless.. i know i've seen this ring with a drooll look but i dont know he remember it.. i just love all of the things he had done and gave..cause everything had deep meaning more than just a simple present..

Okay now the whole story.. apperantly my boyfriend is been working together with my sister to plan this own sister!! lol.. so every sneaky calls and sms i couldn't read is to my sister ( and i wonder why i didn't think he was cheating on me at that time he3x), then he ask his friend help to buy the flower (which i know he cant do this alone lol), buy the cake and then drive him to my house..oh my sister also gave me a present, a beautiful red dress from promod..

when i opened one of the present, he said that i already know what it is..what he didn't know is that i hope for it (the present) but i don't think it will happen..and it is like i wish it, that beautiful gorgeous ring is in my hand and the person who gave it to me is the person i loved the most ( besides my cat and my family that is ha3x)..oh and he
said he knows the consequences on giving me the ring is i will love the ring more than him ha3x smart guy he3x...come on can i love a thing more than i love a person like you..

and then we talk about everything from 12 am to 1 am..about my birthday, how he planned it, how he lied to me he3x but this is for good cause so i don't mind lol...after we finish the cake, he said happy birthday and hope i like everything he done to me then he said good night and gave me my birthday hug..

thanks for that wonderful night dear..

i :x u


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